Hussain Bissard

' Hussain Bissard, who at 7ft 9 inches tall, is the world's tallest and biggest man. Out of the whole world, he chose Franco shoes to have a pair of custom-made shoes built for him. He had heard of Franco's skills during his travels and crossed the world to meet this modest shoe maker in Croydon, Surrey.Hussein chose Franco's Shoe establishment because he heard and read that every pair of shoes that Franco makes are perfectly fitted to the individual's feet, starting with a mould of each foot and taking into a detailed account any special requirements that would be required.Franco said "It was such a challenge, making a really large pair of shoes for Hussain and this is why

I wanted to do it." Franco knew that it would be an impossibility for a man of Hussein's size to

get shoes."He did all the necessary requirement for the fitted and started to make the shoes. They took him 6 months to make and the finished products were two staggeringly huge size 20, measuring 15 inches in length and 5 inches across the width of the toe.When the shoes were completed and fitted, Hussain was really overjoyed and pleased with his shoes. Franco was made shoes. '

William Morgan

Francos has made bespoke shoes for my customers – both men and women – fashion, leisure and workware – traditional and contemporary styles. He is highly skilled craftsman in every part of the shoe making process from the initial design through to the finished article. I also use him for the specialist repairs which other repairers cannot do. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Joshua Tinashe

I got my pair of made to measure handmade shoes from Franco. This was my very first pair of custom shoes and am still wondering why I did not do this sooner. The service was efficient and professional. I was well informed of the progress of the shoes at every stage. I cannot fault the quality of the materials used and the finished product. I would absolutely recommend Franco for the shoes and any other leather products (also got a belt) - I myself intend to be a repeat customer. If you looking for a high quality value for money, Franco is the best there is.

Alan Leith

As a survivor of the polio epidemic in the late 1940's the various surgical operations that ensued caused my left leg to be 25 mm shorter than my right, the only solution was to wear shoes with a built up sole, even using the lightest micro sole material to create the difference the shoes were heavy, clumsy and very ugly. I saw Franco's advert in the publication from the Polio Society and after a detailed consultation he created a range of stylish, light and comfortable shoes made to measure for me. He achieved this by extended the shoe case and putting a light cork lift in the left shoe hidden inside. To all but a detailed examination the shoes are perfectly normal. To top this he included purpose made orthotic insoles to make the shoes the most comfortable I've ever experienced. Franco has literally changed my life by making my disability unnoticeable and comfortable. I have six pairs of Franco's shoes; all are uniquely stylish comfortable and lightweight, Franco is a craftsman pure and simple. I unhesitatingly recommend him! 

Mr Colha

To Franco's perspective customers,

Between us, my wife and I are the happy owners of 4 pairs of shoes made for us by Franco. We both find it difficult to get ready made shoes to fit and so decided to try Franco. We are both delighted with the comfort, quality and style of all the shoes he has made for us and, of course, how well they fit. We can throughly recommend him.​